Avoid Table Scraps in Your Dog’s Diet

Why Is Human Food Bad For Dogs?

Have you ever given your dog a bit of food from the dinner table?

It’s important for us as responsible owners to understand some human food is bad for dogs.

I know that many people think it’s okay to give their dogs some human scraps. While this may be fine for small amounts, giving our pets too much can lead them down a dangerous path!

When we eat at home and have leftovers, there are often ingredients in those dishes that could cause harm if consumed by animals.

For example, garlic and onions make dogs sick; chocolate is toxic to all mammals including cats and humans; bones can splinter or puncture organs when ingested (especially chicken); grapes/raisins are poisonous for both cats AND dogs!!

We have all done it—given our cute furry friend an occasional bite from the dinner table.

A dog’s diet is not the same as a human’s, so it does not require all of the added goodies we put into our meals.

Canine Obesity

Obesity in dogs is a common problem that affects the quality and length of their lives. Even if you feed your dog scraps from dinner, chances are high they will become overweight.

Begging can be very difficult to resist but stick with it so that your pet has an easier time living longer and healthier!

Beware Of Cupboard Love

If you have ever heard the phrase cupboard love then you will know what I am talking about.

Essentially it’s when your dog just looks at you, they may whine or if they are like my dog Wilson (Greyhound) they will pop their heads on your lap as a show of affection when you are eating simply for you to go “Ohhhh, bless him..here you are boy, have some of my food!”

Dogs Are Smart…..and very Cunning too!

This is a cunning plan by dogs so don’t get fooled. Dogs are super smart. They know exactly what they are doing and sadly, many of us fall for it (I know I have).

Even if your dog isn’t a picky eater, be wary of giving him certain foods that could cause serious harm. For example, grapes have been known to lead to death in dogs even when they’re just eaten by mistake – not because the dog actually ate too much grape!

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Chicken is Good, but cooked Chicken bones can be fatal!

Chicken bones and popcorn are also bad for dogs as well.

When your dog’s diet isn’t at its best, the size of their poops will be bigger, smell worse, and be more frequent.

But there are many benefits to choosing a healthy diet for your pet – they’ll have better health overall as well as during walks around the block!

When is it OK to feed your dogs some food scraps?

If you can’t resist the temptation, there are a few instances when it’s OK to feed your dog from the table.

Your veterinarian could recommend healthy snacks for Fido’s diet or give him ice cubes and pieces of carrot between scheduled feeding times so that he isn’t too hungry during mealtime.

Instead of giving in to that craving for a fatty steak or chicken leg, try to distract your dog and give them some carrots.

This will leave you feeling good about what is in their diet while also keeping the peace with Fido!

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Feeding our dogs the right diet is absolutely critical for the welfare of our beloved pups.

That’s why here at dog food dot com we only ever use and promote high-quality information and goods.

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