What Dog Food Companies Don’t Want You To Know

The Truth About Dog Foods Exposed

by The Dog Food Dot Com

There are many important factors that you should consider when choosing the right dog food for your pooch, and one of these is price.

You’re probably looking at this from a standpoint where lower cost equates to better value but it’s not always true in our case!

The expensive brands might actually be more beneficial than their cheaper counterparts so don’t just go with what looks good on paper (or packaging).

A dog needs fresh water and quality food to stay healthy. Always follow the instructions on your chosen brand of dog food for how much you should feed them, as this varies by breed type and age.

Dog food is a serious business. You have to choose the right one for your pup, and it’s not as simple as just picking something that looks good or tastes yummy.

The term “human grade” often pops up when people are talking about dog food—that means this stuff has such high-quality standards that they consider it fit for human consumption!

Dog foods like these might use meat parts humans wouldn’t eat, but actually, make them healthier because of all their nutrition packed into every bite.

Dog food companies try to provide balanced proportions of vitamins and minerals for maximum benefit to your dog.

Although you may see that many brands of dog food have almost identical labels, a reputable company will explain each supplement and how it benefits your dog.

A study has shown that the primary ingredient in dog food should be meat-based protein, not cornmeal, flour, or corn gluten meal.

Dog foods can contain ingredients like poultry byproducts and bone meal which are of low quality compared to beef liver.

Many varieties of dog food exist today. The three most popular types are dry, semi-moist, and canned products.

You should choose the color carefully when purchasing your pet’s product—dog foods made from natural ingredients will be soft in color with no artificial preservatives or colors/flavors added to it.

Raw dog food is becoming more common too!

Truth About Dog Food

Raw Foods and Feeding

Since dogs have never enjoyed commercial dog food the way they enjoy meaty bones, it’s worth it to feed them raw foods.

Veterinarians recommend this diet because of how healthy and clean it is for your pet.

When choosing dog food, focus on the quality of ingredients. Commercial brands often have higher protein and energy levels than economic ones.

However not all commercial brands use high-quality products so always read labels carefully before buying anything for your canine friend!

Before you buy any product it’s best to consult with your vet about what would be appropriate for them too – they’re experts in this field after all!

An All-Natural Dog Food

Dogs need to eat natural foods that have quality protein, carbohydrates, and 100% nutritional value. However, this doesn’t mean traditional dog food is bad for the health of your pet; there are many benefits from using artificial chemicals in commercial brands or even

homemade meals. Dogs can still benefit from eating fresh meat which has no preservatives like chicken, fish eggs, etc…

There are also vegetables as well as grains with antioxidants such oats and barley found within a good diet depending on what type of allergies you might be concerned about feeding them if they don’t fit their dietary needs by not containing these ingredients then it would result in malnutrition issues.

The goal should always be trying out different types until finding one that works best based on whether certain things contain allergens.

One of the main drawbacks of natural dog food is that it has a shorter shelf life and may spoil before it is used.

High-Quality Dry Dog Food

Dry dog food provides a simple and convenient way to feed your pet. It’s also easier for you in terms of storage as it doesn’t take up much space, but the downside is that dry foods are usually more expensive than wet ones per pound.

However, if you’re looking out for what’s best for your pooch then here are some things worth knowing: while cheaper brands use ingredients like soybean or corn which will be difficult on their digestive systems, premium options contain all-natural human-grade meat; another thing–the “premium” label isn’t always synonymous with high quality so watch out!

Vegetarian Options

Vegetarian dog food such as soy protein can help dogs with allergies, especially those allergic to wheat and corn. These foods are marketed to owners who do not want their pets to eat meat products. However, consult your vet before putting the animal on a specialized diet since it may be harmful if done incorrectly or without proper research beforehand.


A dog’s health and happiness are dependent on a healthy diet. When it comes to food, however, the best option for your beloved pup is their own!

Dogs don’t always know what they’re missing when we give them our scraps or leftovers but that doesn’t mean you can never treat them with something special from time to time.

Truth About Dog Food

Feeding our dogs the right diet is absolutely critical for the welfare of our beloved pups.

That’s why here at dog food dot com we only ever use and promote high-quality information and goods.

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